About Us

About Solomon Park

Since 1984, Solomon Park has been supplying laboratories across the globe with the highest quality frozen serum and frozen plasma products.  Serum and plasma is shipped fresh or frozen and is obtained from donors with known analyte values.

Our draw centers, located in Kirkland and Burien, WA, utilize the process described in the CLSI document C37-A and the resulting frozen serum and plasma products are highly accurate.  As such, our products are often used to establish quality controls and to develop standards and proficiency testing materials by outside laboratories.

Solomon Park also provides ultra-low temperature storage space for longitudinal studies.  All freezers are protected by a standby generator backup.

Our Great Team

Dr. Clapshaw
Laboratory Director

Dr. Clapshaw is our laboratory director. He manages our blood draw center and oversees a manufacturing center for proficiency testing and calibrator and control materials. He has a very strong background in research and in clinical chemistry and has a great sense of humor. Note the photo on his blog. (more…)

Sean Clapshaw
Director of Operations

Sean is Solomon Park’s Director of Operations. He is responsible for managing day to day operations, improving internal processes and meeting the expectations and needs of our clients. Sean got his introduction to laboratory life when his father moved the family to Germany to take a position at Max Planck. (more…)

Brian Wilbur
Sales Director

Brian is our Sales Director. He has a long track record of helping small businesses in diverse industries achieve their growth goals. He loves helping people, is semi-fluent in French and lives and breathes the Portland Timbers. Despite not having a PhD, and no track record as a lab rat, we are happy to have him here at Solomon Park.